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About us

Welcome to MILKTRADER Ltd, your European Partner for the milk-processing foodstuff industrie. Since the beginning of the years '90, the owners of MILKTRADER Ltd. are producers of dairy milk.

In their modern farms they produce thousands of tons every year. After Hungary became member of the European Union, the trading of this products became to MILKTRADER Ltd.

Today we are a company with strong leadership in liquid milk products like: raw-milk, cream, skimmed-milk (concentrate), standardized-milk (concentrate), whey...
With our own logistic dapartment, we are the benefit for producer and cunsumer.

Peter Claessens


The Owners

The Belgian Claessens Family and the Dutch Janssen Family ( settled in Hungary over a decade ago. During these years both families have become number one in producing dairy products in Hungary and in Europe. They produce more than 10 million litres of milk in their two estates every year. Their estates are among the most modern ones in Europe. Basic principles are the comfort of cows, environment protection, and above all the quality of milk that fits all EU standards. The milk produced here is hormone and antibiotics free. The estates are fully equipped with technical devices so they are suitable for international transport, they have a storage capacity of  50 000 litres and milk can be kept under 4 °C before shipping.

Our Aims
Milktrader Ltd. mostly purchases  high quality milk from large farms, transports it to and sells it on the European market. Our aims are to find the appropriate purchaser from among the European food processing firms for all the milk, and to transport milk in time and in perfect condition due to our perfect logistic background.

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